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Welcome to my Hobby Page!  As you will see, I am quite enthusiast about my hobby.  In 1998, after discussing with my family, seeing a project (a Bush Caddy) and meeting some local builders, I decided to go ahead and build my own aircraft!  The one I chose is a Zenair  Zodiac CH601-HD that I started to build in March 1999 and completed in June 2004.   While my initial intention was to buy a kit, I was quickly convinced that building from plans is doable.

IMG_1226.JPG (88181 bytes)I did work a little bit with my hands before; mainly for renovation projects at home.  But I had no experience working with metal and much less working with the tolerances needed for an airplane.   My initial difficulties were often related with figuring out was good and what was not (what is a scratch, for example).   I also had to rebuild several parts.  However, as I progressed, it became much easier and I became more efficient.

Thanks for visiting my web site and please, tell me what you think of it. 

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Acknowledgments: While I've done most of the "hands on" work myself, I have to acknowledge the support, help, advises and patience of so many people.  C-GZGQ's existence is possible in big part because of this great network of friendly, talented and supportive individuals (click here).

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 Air Venture 2005 pictures (Oct 2005).  Added a little picture album (Oct 2005).   Flying Zodiac (July 2004). C-GZGQ had its First flight on June 25th 2004, then received Special Certificate of Airworthiness on September 8th, 2004.  

Learn about my other hobby here.

Caution! The author of this page is not affiliated with Zenith Aircraft, any of it's officers, affiliates, vendors, or customers in any shape manner  or form what-so-ever.  In fact the author is only an amateur and certainly not professional nor an expert in any way.  This web site is intended as an album to bring back good memories when the project is done.  It is also there for the enjoyment an motivation of people visiting this site.  The use of any information contained herein is purely at your own risk.  My only advise is to follow the plans, apply revisions specified by Zenith Aircraft Inc or Zenair and call the supplier of the kit or plan for any question or desired modification.  

Oh!  thinking about it... The text on this web site has been written mostly late at night.... and it has not been reviewed or edited.  If you see gross grammar or spelling mistakes, enjoy the situation and have a good laugh at me.  Or, if you want to be good for me, please send me an e-mail and I will apply the needed correction(s).


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