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Fernand Levesque (HD)
Gilbert Martel (HDS)
Gerald Kelly (HDS)
Angelo Ferraro (HDS)
Jeff Small
Grant Corriveau (HDS)
Tony Colucci (HDS)
Dennis Carley (HD)
Fred Hulen
Beautiful CH601 (HD)
Daniel Nadeau


Fernand Levesque's CH-601 HD
Click here for details
Gilbert Martel's CH-601 HDS
Click here for details
Dcp01032.jpg (73334 bytes) Gerald Kelly's CH-601 HDS project
Click here for details
pprjaf1.JPG (39501 bytes) Angello Ferraro CH-601 HDS project
Click here for details
pprjjs1.jpg (54250 bytes) Jeff Small's CH601 project
Click here for details
Dcp00809.jpg (87051 bytes) Grant Corriveau's CH601-HDS
Click here for details.  Have a look at Grant's online photo album.
Dcp00898.jpg (119886 bytes) Tony Colucci's CH601-HDS
Click here for details.
Dcp01059.jpg (50929 bytes) Dennis Carley's CH601-HD
Click here for details.
fred_hulen_august2001.jpg (84714 bytes) Fred Hulen's CH601
Click here for details.
And this one was seen at the Year 2000 edition of "Les Faucheurs de Marguerites"
Click here for details
Nadeau.JPG (115538 bytes) Daniel Nadeau's very nice CH601-HDS
Click here for details



A beautiful CH-601 seen at "Les Faucheurs de marguerites"
in June 1999 near Sherbrooke.  It belongs to Mike Fothergill.
When the picture was taken, this plane was powered by a
Rotax 912UL.  It now has been replaced by the ULS (100HP
Another CH-601 seen at "Les Faucheurs de marguerites"
Follow this link for details of this beautiful aircraft.  This plane belongs to Réal Ferland from Ottawa (Canada).
Bruce Bockius's CH601-HD (tail dragger)
Click here for Bruce's fantastic web site
Dcp01034.jpg (49140 bytes) A Rotax powered CH-601 HD
This one was seen at "Les Faucheurs de Marguerites" on July 1, 2001.




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