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Angelo Ferraro built several CH601-HD and HDS.  The project presented below is his fourth one.  When I asked him if he will keep it, he said "yes,  now that I know how to build them, I want to keep one for me".

pprjaf2.JPG (41387 bytes) Subaru engine
This EA-81 engine has a EA-82 intake manifold.  That created some difficulties for fitting the engine mount and probably a hose near the distributor.  The EA-82 manifold is said to be a bit larger internally than the original EA-81 one. 

The reduction is an older model from Karlo Kuhner (who now makes exclusively geared reduction drives).

The radiator, a VW model is installed between the engine and  the firewall.

pprjaf3.JPG (27457 bytes) Inside the cockpit
The cockpit is insulated with a kind of special foam pad purchased from ACS.  This material is quite special.  We did some burn tests with a torch, and although it ignites under the flame of the torch, the fire stops almost instantly when the torch is removed (amazing!).

I was particularily interested by the pedals... see below.  Those pedals are higher than the Zenair ones (the vertical tube is 7 inches long from top of base tube).  The hydraulic brake base is a 2 inch tube mounted at 45 degrees on the base tube.

pprjaf4.JPG (23517 bytes) Pedals
To attach the Cessna pedals on the pedals frame, gussets are welded and a cross tube is installed.  The top of hydraulic brake is bolted directly on the pedal.

Notice the master cylinders that are manufactured locally by Claude Guilbeault.  I will have the same on my plane.  Claude also manufactures engine mounts, wheels, brake disks and cylinders and much more.

pprjaf5.JPG (22018 bytes) Pedal close up
pprjaf6.JPG (31312 bytes) Wheels
The wheels are made of 15X600X6 tires mounted on 600X6 wheels (manufactured by Claude Guilbeault).  While Angelo decided to use the smaller diameter tires, he wanted forks that would accomodate the larger 600X6 tires.

His forks are made of 3/8" thick 6061-T6 flat bars.


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