Dennis Carley (HD)

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I met Dennis Carley at AirVenture 2001.  His plane was exposed on the flight line and it was easy to find as there was always several people looking around his aircraft.

Some detail pictures:

Beautiful in-cowl radiator installation
Dcp01060.jpg (49597 bytes) Dcp01061.jpg (42512 bytes)

Fairings for wheels, gear boxes and trim tab horns
Dcp01062.jpg (47343 bytes) Dcp01064.jpg (39958 bytes) Dcp01065.jpg (37844 bytes)

Instruments Panel.  Notice the EIS system. The altitude encoder is mounted on the right wall (forward of the NACA air vent)
Dcp01066.jpg (68137 bytes)
Dcp01067.jpg (75421 bytes)

Dual Landing/Taxi light
Dcp01068.jpg (45940 bytes)

The top foward fuselage skin is removable (with screws):
Dcp01071.jpg (38185 bytes) Dcp01070.jpg (38261 bytes)


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