Daniel Nadeau

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Fernand Levesque (HD)
Gilbert Martel (HDS)
Gerald Kelly (HDS)
Angelo Ferraro (HDS)
Jeff Small
Grant Corriveau (HDS)
Tony Colucci (HDS)
Dennis Carley (HD)
Fred Hulen
Beautiful CH601 (HD)
Daniel Nadeau


This plane was built in Quebec region of... Quebec province.  When I've seen it on another web site, in October 2000, I immediately wrote the owner to get at least one picture for myself.  I then saw the plane on a few occasions at fly-ins... I took some additional pictures

Dcp01125.jpg (58958 bytes) Dcp01126.jpg (52391 bytes) Dcp01127.jpg (57607 bytes) Dcp01127.jpg (57607 bytes) Dcp01129.jpg (60515 bytes) Dcp01130.jpg (35213 bytes) Dcp01131.jpg (34375 bytes) Dcp01132.jpg (41777 bytes)




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