Fred Hulen

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As you'll soon notice, Fred is another very talented builder.  His project started about three and a half years ago (as of August 2001) and his progress is outstanding considering all improvements and finishing touches he put on the plane.


fred_hulen_0801_sit.jpg (133629 bytes)

Instrument Panel:

fred_hulen_0801_frontpanel.jpg (63874 bytes) fred_hulen_0801_fusepanel.jpg (84106 bytes) fred_hulen_0801_rearpanel.jpg (92737 bytes) fred_hulen_0801_rearpanel2.jpg (61109 bytes) fred_hulen_9801_under pedal.jpg (88415 bytes)


Baggage compartments:
fred_hulen_baggage1.jpg (63498 bytes)
fred_hulen_baggage2.jpg (45990 bytes)

Jabiru engine installation:
fred_hulen_engine.jpg (119689 bytes) fred_hulen_engine_duct.jpg (72791 bytes) fred_hulen_0801_engine.jpg (87522 bytes)

Making of interior finishing panels:
fred_hulen_interior_panels.jpg (124968 bytes)
fred_hulen_Interior side panel masked before Bondo.jpg (143575 bytes) fred_hulen_Interior panel being contoured with Bondo Lite.jpg (157667 bytes) fred_hulen_Interior panel being sputtered with adhesive.jpg (177741 bytes)

Miscenalleneous pictures:
fred_hulen_brake_line.jpg (55813 bytes)
fred_hulen_battery.jpg (102068 bytes)



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