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Jeff is one of my "silent" helpers.  Often, when I post a question on the Zenith Aircraft's mailing list (on Matronics server), I receive an e-mail from Jeff with detailed pictures and explanations of how he addressed the same situation.

As you will notice on the following pictures, Jeff works exceptionally well and is very creative in addressing problems and developing nice solutions.  I recently sent him an e-mail saying that with a so nice job inside the aircraft, it is almost sad that he has to cover his plane with an aluminum skin.... but I am quite certain that the exterior quality will match or exceed the inside.

Thanks Jeff for the good support!

Canopy installation:

pprjjs2.jpg (45929 bytes) pprjjs3.jpg (33828 bytes) pprjjs4.jpg (46852 bytes) pprjjs5.jpg (33429 bytes) pprjjs1.jpg (54250 bytes)

Center Wing wire and tubing routing:

pprjjs13.jpg (40856 bytes) pprjjs14.jpg (41029 bytes) pprjjs15.jpg (44635 bytes) pprjjs16.jpg (35043 bytes) pprjjs17.jpg (31526 bytes) pprjjs18.jpg (28147 bytes) pprjjs19.jpg (49057 bytes) pprjjs7.jpg (33198 bytes)

Notes from Jeff: 

Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 20:38:01 -0500

Pitot static are coming in through snap grommets and then under the armrest through the two poly tubes seen there. They are well under any cable runs so they use space that is often wasted. Wires from strobe power packs and nav lights are coming forward and eventually coming out under the rolled gusset. Rolled up poly tube are protecting landing and taxi light wires. Got this tube in the window blinds section of a building department store. It's not formed, just rolled - you can make it any diameter to fit the triangular areas.  

The 'snap bushings' can be found on page 149 of Wicks catalog and page 96 of ACS. You might find them locally in a well-stocked hardware store. They must be made of vinyl or nylon.

Ailerons and aileron trim-tab:

pprjjs8.jpg (30564 bytes) pprjjs9.jpg (117447 bytes) pprjjs10.jpg (149070 bytes)

Miscellaneous other pictures:

pprjjs11.jpg (64148 bytes) pprjjs12.jpg (47414 bytes) pprjjs6.jpg (34385 bytes) pprjjs20.jpg (110869 bytes) pprjjs21.jpg (106411 bytes) pprjjs22.jpg (31862 bytes) pprjjs23.jpg (42071 bytes) pprjjs24.jpg (35066 bytes)



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