Beautiful CH601 (HD)

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Fernand Levesque (HD)
Gilbert Martel (HDS)
Gerald Kelly (HDS)
Angelo Ferraro (HDS)
Jeff Small
Grant Corriveau (HDS)
Tony Colucci (HDS)
Dennis Carley (HD)
Fred Hulen
Beautiful CH601 (HD)
Daniel Nadeau


This is a very beautiful Rotax 912S powered CH601-HD.   And as presented on the following pictures, many innovative ideas have been implemented.  Congragulation to the builders of this plane! (I am not sure, but I believe one of them is Jacques Gagné from Québec).

Dcp00262.jpg (79324 bytes) Dcp00263.jpg (93751 bytes) Dcp00264.jpg (56018 bytes) Dcp00265.jpg (59649 bytes) Dcp00266.jpg (109914 bytes) Dcp00267.jpg (61460 bytes) Dcp00268.jpg (78641 bytes) Dcp00269.jpg (67073 bytes) Dcp00270.jpg (106933 bytes) Dcp00271.jpg (58967 bytes) Dcp00272.jpg (81405 bytes)

And another one:

 Dcp00273.jpg (78668 bytes)


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