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I would like to thank the following people and so many others, for their precious support:

Don Honabach: For hosting my web site.  As of January 18, 2004, this site includes 4969 files. This web sites occupies 226MB on his server.  I invite you to look at his very informative and helpful Zodiac construction web site.

Fernand Levesque:  He is my "building coach", friend and test pilot.  Fernand provides me with invaluable help in making proper decisions and having the proper mindset to build an airplane that will fly and be safe.   Furthermore, beyond giving me technical advises, Fernand assessed the quality of my work and lent me materials that make my project go much faster.

RAA Chapter 415: Geatan Tremblay introduced me to the Chapter in December 1999.  Since then, I had the chance of getting support from various members.  The RAA provides inestimable value for a first time builder such as me.  Special thanks to Gilbert Martel, Paul Fournier, Angelo Ferraro, Claude Guilbault,  Roland Chicoine, André Létourneau,  René Gervais, Jean-Luc Arsenault, Danny Dubois,  Pierre Fournier, Patrice Thériault and Réjean Houle for your support, help or advises.

Gérald Kelly and Gilles Labrie fantastic builder in Eastern Township.

Matt Dralle:  Matt owns and administers the Zenith List, a source of great information for any builder at any stage of his/her project.

Zenith List Members:  I also want to thank all of those who contribute to the list.  Among others, Jeff Small, Fred Hulen, Peter Dunning, Tony Colucci and Grant Corriveau have been of great support for me.

Chris Heintz (Zenair) and everyone at Zenith Aircraft Company (I got fantastic support from Nicholas Roger and Sebastian) for all the free phone, email and fax support.  These people are really supportive for builders of their design.  Despites having purchased very few parts from them, I always got courteous and timely support.  I truly like the business mentality instilled by the Heintz family. 

And of course, my wife Louise and my sons Francis and Mathieu for sharing this with me.


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