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Subaru Engine


The standard Zodiac HD canopy is mounted on a lightweight frame and opens sideways (from any of the two sides). 

Dcp00898.jpg (119886 bytes)

There is a hook system that allows for this.  However, that system may be seen as impractical for a couple of reasons.  Both passengers cannot board the plane simultaneously.  It's required to open the canopy on one side, board a passenger, close the canopy, open on the other side, board the second passenger and then close the canopy.  Another aspect I considered is that if not perfectly made, the hook system may fail during flight.  I read a few accounts of pilot loosing their canopy in flight... this may not be so much fun...  I also believe that a forward opening canopy would be much nice than a side opening one.

I decided to go for the Zodiac XL canopy installation.

XL Canopy.jpg (45612 bytes)

I debated purchasing the canopy kit from ZAC for a while.  I got the information from Nick and Sebastian and found the part prices to be acceptable, but I could not deal with the crating and shipping cost so easily.  Therefore, I decided to make this from plans like I did for the rest of the project.  

Part I - Canopy arms


Part III - Side covers


Part IV - Latching System




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