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Side Covers
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One thing I picked up from Nick during a phone conversation is that they build canopy arms to custom length for the HD/HDS Zodiac models (the fuselage length is not the same as for the XL model).

So, I cut the main canopy arm tube the exact length that I needed.  I also installed the two steel plate as directed in the plans (at 40 degrees), but found that they are useless in that position as my side panels are too high for them.  See pictures below.  I decided to cut them off and if I found that such support is needed, I'll rivet something in place later.  To bend the tubes to follow the curvature of the fuselage, I used a mix of two techniques.  One is pictured below (I used a C clamp on the workbench).  I also used my hydraulic press with a female die.

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