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Side Covers
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I had a hard time to figure what shape of side cover would provide a good fit so that the weather strip seals against the fuselage without interfering with the top skin screws.  The layout provided in the XL canopy plans did not fit well enough (a side cover with a single bend).

Another builder modified the cover and added a small 15 degree angle at the top and had good result.  I tried this and about 15 other shapes using small pieces of aluminum scrap and finally found something that works on my own plane.  My side covers include three bends.  The lower bend is 20 degrees.  16mm higher is the second bend that is 10 degrees.  Another 16mm higher is the third bend made at 14 degrees.  The top flange is 8mm and the bottom one is adjusted for fit (it was made at 24mm and then cut to fit).

IMG_0243.JPG (116715 bytes) IMG_0245.JPG (91533 bytes) IMG_0246.JPG (91497 bytes) IMG_0247.JPG (83781 bytes) IMG_0248.JPG (93234 bytes) IMG_0249.JPG (95144 bytes) IMG_0251.JPG (103269 bytes) IMG_0331.JPG (578247 bytes)

Since the canopy fits so well on the front fuselage, I elected not to install a front flashing.  



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