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The first thing I noticed once the inside frame was installed and the canopy all clecoed to it was that I could'nt operate the latches anymore.  The trigger lever came just too high and was resting against the top flange of the inside frame.  A second problem is the conflict between a canopy screw and the lever.  I therefore decided to shorten the lever.  I drilled a new 1/4" hole for the swivel a bit lower and cut the top portion.  It may also be noticed that I made sure the wire guide on top of the latch assembly does not interfere with the canopy and inside angle.

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Installing the standard handle and cables was pretty straight forward.  One thing I did is to cut the 18mm-wide angle that hold the cable adjusters and cable bushing narrower.  This is to avoid conflicts with the canopy and inside frame.

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One morning, after a full night of dreaming about the canopy, I saw the light and found how to easily and simplistically integrate a locking device.  I went to Rona L'Entrepôt (a major hardware store in Eastern Canada) and found exactly what I was dreaming about: a latch with a 2" lever that can be installed at a 45-degree angle.  I modified the lever to fit my installation.   That latch looks pretty good.  It has a stainless steel face and a zinc body.

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