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pcwing2.JPG (36139 bytes) Getting the channel flush with the rib flange
I installed the various parts that go on the gearbox ribs.  To ensure proper alignment with the flange, I attached a 2X4 and I made sure that this is 90 degrees from the rib by also attaching a square to the 2X4...
pcwing3.JPG (21545 bytes) Is this OK?
Installing those gear slides is a pretty stressful experience as we want to do it right.  This picture confirms that I should be OK with my assemblies (both gave the same result).
Gear ribs assembled


pcwing5.jpg (30447 bytes) As usual...
The less fun part in this project is the deburring, smoothering, cleaning and priming... here we go once more!
pcwing6.JPG (32769 bytes) Don't touch this mess... I know where everything is!
Well... this is just like my office.  Except here I have tools and aluminium instead of sheets, magazines, pens...
pcwing7.JPG (15580 bytes) My UHMPE (or something like that) slides
I used a technique I have seen on Jeffery Moser's web site.  While I installed the slides doublers flush with the aluminum (and sanded the aluminum a bit after), those plastic slides protruded when they were compressed during the riveting (with a hammer and a dolly).  I then used a router to make them like I wanted them again.  Some touchup with a Dremel have been required when installing the top L angles.
pcwing8.JPG (30668 bytes) I am getting there
I am quite happy with what I have so far!  My next step with this will be to verify the positions of the crimps and ensure I can have an adequate rivet pitch.
pcwing9.JPG (21914 bytes) The walkway ribs
The ribs under the walkway are reinforced with L stiffeners. Pretty simple installation and I like the feel of those stronger ribs.
pcwing10.JPG (29625 bytes) Nose rib installation
Center wing nose ribs are installed against the L stiffeners that were already positioned when I fabricated the center wing spar.  I simply clamp the nose rib to the stiffener, ensuring that it is centered vertically with the tob and bottom of the spar caps (for this, I clamped a piece of aluminium on both spar caps).
pcwing11.JPG (25689 bytes) Oh... that problem!
As I said somewhere else on this site, I drilled the spars according with the plans.  But this is not right!  The rivet position for the L stiffener holding rib at position 1014 is not good.  I cannot use an ordinary stiffener.  To solve this issue, I made a special stiffener with a 25mm flange.  This allowed to drill the hole while respecting the minimum edge distance.
pcwing12.JPG (28964 bytes) Rear rib installation
Rear ribs installation is quite simple.  The key is to ensure that it is positioned flush with both spar caps and that it is square with the spar. 
pcwing13.JPG (29885 bytes) Gear box position 900 rib
Care must be taken when installing the stations 1014 and 900 ribs.  Both should be pre-installed to ensure that drilling would not cause any edge distance (or rather, radius distance) problems.  I had to move rib 1014 just a little bit outboard to have good distance between the rivet hole and the radius of the bend of station 900 rib.  I don't understand why the last rib is installed at 1014 instead of the more natural 1015...  
pcwing15.JPG (33262 bytes) All ribs and Rear Zee installed
Rear Z installation is quite straight forward and does not require more explanations.
pcwing16.JPG (31006 bytes) .... and everything in pieces...
Disassembling, deburring, smoothering, cleaning and priming.... as usual, this is the lesser fun part.  It looked so nice the day before!
pcwing17.JPG (31653 bytes) Getting some help for the fun part
I wanted the L stiffeners that are against the nose ribs to be solid riveted.  Rejean Houle and André St-Pierre came home to help me before going to our monthly RAA chapter 415 meeting.  Their day job is to teach how to build aircrafts... I am in good hands!  We had a lot of fun and as usual, they made a bit of fun of me... :)

Paul Fournier did most of the solid riveting on my spars... Next time I bring help, we should get the whole gang of friends and have a barbecue at the same time!


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