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Dcp00682.jpg (311490 bytes) Let's move!
I turned the center wing across the table to allow for installation of the gear leg while working on the top of the wing.  When I measured the position of the two-inch hole (on left side of CW), I was happilly surprised to see that it is perfectly in the middle.
Dcp00685.jpg (57547 bytes) A strip first
The first thing I did is to make this strip (I forgot the part number, but I think it is 6V5-something).   I also pre-drilled it.  To align the hole of the top skin with that stip (while installed on the skeletion), I temporarilly fixed this strip by drilling a few holes and attaching it (either with flush 3/32 rivets or safety wire--a vigilant eye can see both).   Then, I installed the pre-drilled (for the three inboard ribs) top skin and clecoed to the skeletion.  I drilled a couple of matching holes from the bottom (to locate the stip with the top skin).
Dcp00686.jpg (66057 bytes) Then, match the entire strip with the top skin
I disassembled the top skin and reinstalled it with the pre-drilled strip on top.  I clecoed the strip at its two match-drilled point (drilled from underneath).  Then, I drilled the remaining holes.
Dcp00688.jpg (46371 bytes) Another Oups!
When I first observed this, I have been quite nervous about the positioning of my gear leg.... but everything measured fine...  The problem is that the cap is welded at an angle with the tube.  I will have to make a special "stop plate" to ensure a proper fit with the wing.
Dcp00690.jpg (61845 bytes) Installing the upper bearing
Dcp00693.jpg (44955 bytes) Just taking a break of the construction...
This was a fun morning... I had the chance to play with my brand new snow blower.  OK... not everyone enjoyed that day so much!
Dcp00698.jpg (62327 bytes) Are the gear box ribs still square?
One one side, yes.  For the other side, I had to adjust the ribs by removing two rivets from each of the L angles that attach the extrusions together and by adjusting.  I re-drilled the holes and re-riveted.  Now, the gear boxes are truly vertical.
Dcp00715.jpg (61036 bytes) The nose skin installed...
The technique used is very similar to what was done for the outboard wings.
Dcp00736.jpg (97496 bytes) ... and cut...
I did remove the skin entirely to cut the opening.  It is just easier than trying to cut it in place.


Dcp00739.jpg (102581 bytes) ... and stored
After I deburred, smoothered, cleaned, primed and riveted on the bottom (nose skin and spar), I stored it against the garage door. I now have enough space to work on the rear fuselage.

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