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Center Wing



Here are some details of electrical installation. Also included are pictures of my pitot/static line routing.

For instrument panel wiring, see my instruments panel page.

The battery contactors are located behind the pilot seat on a channel fabricated for the purpose.  At the time I made the electrical system, I was not sure of the exact location for the battery.

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All cables and wires in the rear fuselage are attached with MS21919 clamps...

  Dcp01507.jpg (86842 bytes) Dcp01508.jpg (78054 bytes) Dcp01509.jpg (82409 bytes) Dcp01512.jpg (81823 bytes)

... almost!

Dcp01511.jpg (80437 bytes) DCP02080.JPG (87774 bytes) 

For the electric trim tab servo connections, I used DB9 connectors from whose I removed the shell.  After the wires are soldered, the whole thing is packed with GOOP.  A shrink wrap sleeve is installed. 

DCP02085.JPG (74517 bytes) IMG_1021.JPG (97810 bytes)

Crimping of Molex connector pins:

Dcp01503.jpg (91248 bytes)

The fuse blocs (main and essential busses) are mounted on a retractable panel attached under the instruments... panel.

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As shown on the controls page, I mad e the yoke modular.  I installed a microphone switch on the handle which is connected as follows.

DCP02092.JPG (71684 bytes) DCP02093.JPG (77365 bytes)


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