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Center Wing


I determined the ideal position for the batteries during August 2003 when I had the aircraft assembled in my backyard.  After a series of Weight and Balance scenarios, I established that the batteries should be right behind the first L stiffener in the fuselage.  That's what I expected from the start.

So, I removed the stiffener and replaced it by a 3/4"X3/4"X1/8" extrusion.  I installed another extrusion so both make a solid support for the batteries.  Noticing how the extrusions can flex under heavy weight, I decided to reinforce them so they have a shape similar to the Z stiffener ahead.  Now, it is very rigid. 

I mounted the batteries on a .040" thick sheet of aluminum on which I made a rack with stiffeners and a strap of .025" aluminum.  I made the fuselage opening so that the battery tray will come flush with the skin (there is a .025" spacer on top of the .016" skin and then, the .040" inside mounting plate.

The battery tray attaches to the inside support with four 3/16" AN525 screws (that I may replace with AN3 bolts).

To protect the connectors from accidental shorts (that would happen when I take the battery in or out, I installed pieces of bicycle tire tubes over the wires and connectors.

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