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Welcome to my engine page!  As you'll see, my 20-year old EA-81 engine (from a 1983 Subaru GL with automatic transmission) has been transformed into a new (rebuilt) Zodiac engine.  

When I started, I had various options for installing this type of engine:

  1. Stratus, RAM Performance, Sub4, SubieLyc, NSI are reputed companies that remanufacture(d) Subaru engines and provided complete packages.

  2. Karlo Kunher, Dave Johnson are reputed Canadian rebuilders that provide complete engine package with the reduction drive.  Dave also can provide engine mounts for attaching his engine package to various air-frames.

  3. Self-Rebuilt -- AH!  That was the only one I couldn't think of by myself.  But my mentor, Fernand and Dave both convinced me that I could do it.  I want to thank both of them for that.  And special thanks to Fernand, for  supporting me throughout the process.  When I think that I was barely able to change oil in a lawn mowing machine before this project!  I would also like to thank some other friends who helped me with their advises, support and tools (namely, Gilbert, Gerald, Claude, Roland, Gilles, Tony, Paul M., Jean-Luc and certainly others that I don't think about right now).

Part I - Disassembly

Part II - Measuring

Part IV - Installation


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Engine installation series of pictures (no explanation)



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