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Here is a stock cam shaft along with my Delta Cam cam shaft.  This one has a lift of 0.400" and a duration of 205 degrees. The profile number is 252H (H for hydraulic lifters)  I measured all lobes and they are all a bit different (but with the same lift).  The clearance in the engine bloc is within specs.  I bought a set of new lifters along with the cam shaft. 

I then measured the oil clearance for my rocker arms.  I have 0.002" of clearance on all bearings. Good!

Dcp01363.jpg (75413 bytes) Dcp01368.jpg (105236 bytes) Dcp01372.jpg (104119 bytes)

I removed all the studs and will later install renewed ones I got from Dave Johnson. Then, I measured the ring gaps, the piston clearance, etc.  All is OK. I installed the rings on the pistons.

Dcp01376.jpg (116936 bytes) Dcp01378.jpg (88995 bytes) Dcp01379.jpg (90834 bytes)

I noticed I forgot to clean the water passage after disassembly... so here it is.

Dcp01380.jpg (84491 bytes) Dcp01381.jpg (99453 bytes)

I had quite a bit of trouble with the crankshaft clearances... while my machine shop polished the crank to the lower limit of the range of tolerance (actually a few tenth under on one journal), I measured something that simply did not make sense (0.0030" of clearance) with my new Altrom bearings.  My mentor advised me to try my old original Subaru bearing to see what it does... wow!  I tried with the other crank first (same result) and then, I tried with the old bearings. It came much better at around 0.0015" to 0.0018".  I then ordered new Subaru bearings and got that smile back on my face. :-)  The pictures below are from measurements with Altrom and old Subaru bearings (I did not take photos of clearances with new bearings---went too fast).

 Dcp01382.jpg (102350 bytes) Dcp01383.jpg (86564 bytes) Dcp01386.jpg (93716 bytes) Dcp01387.jpg (113600 bytes)Dcp01390.jpg (88173 bytes) Dcp01391.jpg (92465 bytes) 



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