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 To install the tail, it is required that the aircraft level from front to rear and from side to side.  

You might notice that I am cutting some stabilizer attachment brackets with a cutting disk.  The front brackets are made with 4130 steel instead of 6061-T6 aluminum because I could not respect the minimum edge distance of 13mm.  Chris Heintz verbally approved this modification.

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Elevator stops:

DCP02061.JPG (104353 bytes) DCP02118.JPG (68052 bytes)

Taking advantage of a beautiful day...

 DCP02062.JPG (72839 bytes) DCP02063.JPG (83751 bytes) DCP02064.JPG (103064 bytes) 

I initially used a laser level to align the rudder with the center line of the aircraft.  Then, when the laser was not available, I used a nylon line for the same purpose.

DCP02066.JPG (101655 bytes) DCP02067.JPG (100501 bytes) DCP02069.JPG (105342 bytes) DCP02070.JPG (84368 bytes) DCP02072.JPG (60072 bytes) DCP02073.JPG (100155 bytes) 

Strobe and position light wiring is attached to a rib inside the rudder.  The wires are protected by a plastic cover, pieces of shrink tubing and electrical tape wrapping.

DCP02078.JPG (80228 bytes) DCP02079.JPG (100749 bytes) DCP02119.JPG (86129 bytes)

I reinforced the elevator horn as I noticed some bending when working on the cable.

IMG_0655.JPG (224751 bytes)



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