Shut Off Console

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Shut Off Console
Fuel Lines



Dcp01433.jpg (51644 bytes) Supporting the valves
I used plumbing valves found at a local hardware store.  They have no thread for mounting them on a bulkhead, so I made a support with two aluminum brackets.
Dcp01435.jpg (53374 bytes) Underneath
The cut for the bracket is quite complex with holes on three sides accommodating the valves and the reinforcing bends.  The opening underneath leaves just enough space for the wrench.
Dcp01436.jpg (60396 bytes) Boxing the assembly
The box attaches to the instrument sub-panel on the front side.  The rear side does not touch the spar.  It has its own rear bulkhead which is fixed to the bottom skin.  The side panels and instrument sub panel are also attached to the cabin floor skin.

We can't see it on the picture, but the top cover was pre-cut for a perfect cut line, before being bent.

Dcp01440.jpg (46474 bytes) The secret cut
Here is a close-up of the cut made with an Olfa knife.
Dcp01443.jpg (50966 bytes) Splitting the cover
The cover needs to be split to accommodate the valves, which do not have removable knobs.
Dcp01449.jpg (98652 bytes) All in pieces
Notice all the holes to accommodate tubing, wiring and cabling and allowing easy access for maintenance.
Dcp01451.jpg (97631 bytes) Inside the box
I installed nut plates holding the cover to the valve assembly and to the side panel.  The valve assembly is also attached to the side panels by means of nut plates and SS screws.
Dcp01452.jpg (97947 bytes) And there it is, almost ready for riveting
Before riveting, I need to make openings for the fuel tubing on the rear side.  First, I just want to see what route the tubing will follow.



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