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Dcp00780.jpg (106908 bytes) Bending the upper longerons
I made a simple jig to form the upper longerons....  I thought it would be easy, but I ended up finishing the shaping using a method I borrowed from Bruce Brockius.  I simply hammered the extrusion on one side, then the other.  Still, my simple jig accelerated the work considerably.  Both longerons are exactly the same shape.  Here is a closeup picture of the jig:

Dcp00781.jpg (88260 bytes)

Dcp00784.jpg (76241 bytes) Ready for the big rubber hammer
The firewall is formed using the same technique as for the ribs.   The 0.020" galvanized steel sheet is installed between two plywoods (one of them to exact shape and with a bend radius).  Then, I used a hammer to form the flange and my home made fluting pliers to make the notches at pre-determined locations.
Dcp00785.jpg (76140 bytes) And... here is a new kit part!
I stored the firewall on the center wing until I am ready to work on it.
Dcp01137.jpg (57357 bytes) Firewall assembled
I made just a few modifications to reinforce it.  The fuel tank support stiffener is replaced with a 0.040" L angle.  I replaced the L angle on top of the "shelve" (the one 520mm) by a full width 0.040" L stiffener.  All the assembly for the nose gear is moved 3mm forward (holes, parts) to accommodate a 1280HD bungee (instead of the 1080).  My bungee fits real tight and I think I would have been better moving the assemblies 1 or 2mm more.
Dcp01141.jpg (54072 bytes) Primed and "Mostly" reassembled
I riveted everything except the top shelve, which I will re-install only later after I don't need the line (rope) for fuselage alignment.

As seen on this picture, I also made the fuselage floor which is formed and drilled to match the firewall.

Dcp01139.jpg (40488 bytes) The rivets from inside out
I don't know if this is necessary, but I was afraid that the bungee would be affected by the rivets should they have been inserted from outside-in.
Dcp01140.jpg (56339 bytes) Forming the fuselage floor
The sequence manual calls for a complete variety of tubes to adequately form that part.  I used a 2" (which is really 2-3/8" OD) ABS tube.  Then, I finished with a 1-1/2 ABS tube and a 1" OD steel bar.
Dcp01142.jpg (57038 bytes) Assembling the fuselage attachment channels
Two channels are installed to the rear Z and join the rear fuselage side skins with the forward fuselage side skins.  The spacing at the bottom is 1056mm as per plans (1055mm in my case) and spacing at the top is 1038mm.  The top is at the bottom on this picture :-)

To make this, I attached some pieces of wood on my table to act as guides.  I then clecoed the parts together and later cut them to final size.


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