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Dcp01159.jpg (90579 bytes) Longerons positioned
The upper longerons are clamped in place.  They fit nicely.


Dcp01164.jpg (93041 bytes) Initial fit of the baggage compartment floor
It's been a lot more work than planned to center that correctly.. but it is worth it as after that, the fuselage assembly is laterally very stable.  
Dcp01165.jpg (66998 bytes) OH... some ventilation
I noticed in my friend's CH-601 that air is coming in through the NACA vent, but does not flow very much around the head.  The air exits the cockpit through the lightening holes in the center wing.  I wanted to allow air to flow around my body and head and therefore, I copied the idea of one friend in Sherbrooke who did exactly this.
Dcp01166.jpg (66571 bytes) Suite of previous picture
Dcp01167.jpg (97851 bytes) Drawing the cut line
I'm pretty nervous about cutting the center wing nose skin to fit the shape of the fuselage.  So far, I used a plumb line to trace the shape following the upper longeron... I don't yet know if this is an acceptable method and if you know better, please tell me!
Dcp01179.jpg (78222 bytes) Baggage compartment floor riveted
All stiffeners are riveted.  I added cross stiffeners to the front stiffener as this part is pretty weak and most people have the reflex of holding the edge of that baggage compartment when boarding the plane... That won't be a problem with my plane!

I am copying the design from Jeff Small who sent me pictures of that part of his plane... (not yet on my web site as of Sep 22, 2001).

Dcp01185.jpg (234737 bytes) Initial fit of the side skin
I tested the fit of the left side skin... not bad, but I had to open the joint between the cabin floor and the center wing leading edge skin.  This should be specified in the assembly manual.  I also had to trim the bottom of the front portion of the skin around that joint so I would have a good fit at the top of the longeron.
Dcp01184.jpg (158094 bytes) 8mm missing!
The side skins were cut to plans specified dimensions.  Not good! At the aft location, there is a noticeable gap between the skin and the top of the center wing rear Z.  I noticed on some other builders' web sites that this situation is not unique to me.  

I made new side skins on which I made the rear cut 10mm lower.  I then trimmed them for a perfect fit.

Dcp01187.jpg (81503 bytes) Installation of the uprights
I installed the uprights as specified, except for the upper gusset that I made with 0.040" material instead of specified 0.025".  By the way, it is nice to have some 3/16 clecoes on hand.
Dcp01188.jpg (83265 bytes) Drilling and clecoing
I first drilled the upper longeron.  Notice the area with no cleco... this is where the top fuselage skin will overlap and I decided to wait for drilling that area (except for one hole where I'll put a tack rivet).

I also installed the formed L angle at the joint of the side skin with the top center wing skin.  I look forward to try to rivet that! (there is not a lot of clearance in the corner).

Dcp01191.jpg (105991 bytes) Talking about the formed L angles
If I had a metal stretcher, I could have done a nicer job, but it goes fairly well with a hammer and a dolly.  It took about 20 minutes per L angle to form them to the shape of the wing and the side fuselage (simultaneously).
Dcp01192.jpg (79807 bytes) Seat back side channel
I made the channels about 15mm wider than specified in the plans.  This way, the two rivets in the corner stiffener are better spaced.  

Also, it bring the inner flange past the point where my added cross stiffener starts (at the front of the baggage compartment floor).  Other kit builders installed corner gussets at the top to achieve the same reinforcement goal.


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