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Dcp01199.jpg (76567 bytes) Joining side skin and floor skin
This has been much easier than expected.  I formed the side skin with an ABS pipe, and then a 1-inch steel pipe and finally a 1/2 copper pipe and hammer (similar work as for the floor skin).  I pressed the skins together and drilled.
Dcp01203.jpg (105165 bytes) Ah... a motivation move
I decided to see the fit of my horizontal stab with the fuselage brackets.  It fits perfect!  This means that the 214mm vs 218mm modification for the stabilizer bracket spacing is right. 
Dcp01206.jpg (84583 bytes) Cabin floor with side skin
Seen from inside.  I also installed the gusset between the side skin (vertical stiffener) and heel support.


Dcp01212.jpg (89260 bytes) The horizontal stiffeners
I was quite asleep here as I did not installed the bottom one in the same position on both sides... a judging eye could probably notice that, but as my mentor says, it won't be noticed at 5000 feet. 

Notice the crimps.  I did this to have a good pressure of the stiffeners on the skin and it also make the fuselage look better.  The manual does not mention about doing this, but I noticed that many other builders did that... so I did it too!

Dcp01216.jpg (92306 bytes) The center seat back channel
As you can see, it is made wider.  This serves two purposes.  1. the sides reach the point where my reinforcement of the leading edge of the baggage compartment floor starts (see: this picture). My goal is that we can hold on the baggage compartment floor when entering the plane (without make me sweat)  2. it will provide my seat back with better support.
Dcp01219.jpg (88946 bytes) ELT and Strobe light power supply supports
The ELT is supported on a channel I made with 0.032" 6061-T6.  That channel is riveted on top of 6V12-6 and is attached to the rear Z with a L angle.
Dcp01218.jpg (83628 bytes) Another shot at this installation
I made an additional vertical channel with 0.025" 6061-T6 to hold the power supply.  That channel is fixed to the rear Z with four A4 rivets and is also fixed to the 6F13-6 (baggage bottom stiffener). 



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