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Dcp01235.jpg (116977 bytes) Vans' Aircraft NACA Ventilation System
This is the vent system I purchased.  It costs 60$US (plus s&h).  Included are two naca vents, flange adaptors, eye ball vents (large ones) and the tubing.  There is also an instruction sheet and a template for the NACA cutout (not shown).
Dcp01232.jpg (78502 bytes) Preparing for the cutout..
After I decided where to install the NACA, I made a template with 0.025" aluminum which I clecoed at the exact location where I want to cut the fuselage skin.

What we don't see on the picture is that I drilled the corner holes with 1/4" radius before installing that template. (we would see this from the other side)

Notice that this location is the only one where the Vans' NACA will fit easilly.

Dcp01233.jpg (82418 bytes) ... and cutting it
I use a knife to follow the contour of my template. I make several (or should I say many) cuts until I fee it's going to be easy to break by folding the skin.
Dcp01220.jpg (64380 bytes) Oh... how beautiful is this?
After the cutting is done, I drilled a large hole and then used the scissors to divide the area between the holes.    Then it is easy to fold the sides one by one to break the skins.

I don't know if my explanation is clear... but it works.

Dcp01222.jpg (72298 bytes) A picture from inside
You can see my cutting marks following the contour of the NACA opening.
Dcp01223.jpg (77887 bytes) And, the result!
Nice cut hey?
Dcp01230.jpg (68578 bytes) Vans' NACA installed
The tube will attach there and connect to the flange adapter of the eye ball.
Dcp01245.jpg (71421 bytes) The two sides done
I'm quite happy with this installation!
Dcp01244.jpg (58422 bytes) Those little washers
These washers are quite practical.  I purchased them from Aircraft Spruce.  They are already drilled to #30 size and are useful for riveting any plastic or fiberglass parts to the structure.
DCP01620.JPG (121605 bytes) Vent installation completed
The outlets are on the instrument panel on each side.  
DCP01840.JPG (69482 bytes) Cabin Heating by Ford
The heater core comes from a Ford Festiva 19something.  The surface is approx 5.5" by 6" and it is made of aluminum
DCP01841.JPG (77211 bytes) Another shot at it
The ventilator comes from an electronic surplus store.  Take note that there are various specifications for these fans.  This one blows 104cfm at 12V.
IMG_1166.JPG (119150 bytes)  And here it is

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