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I will be installing a forward tilting canopy.  As a result, I am (mostly) following the CH601XL plans for the front fuselage top.

Dcp01334.jpg (210699 bytes) Dcp01339.jpg (70233 bytes) 

This is to hold the instrument bulkhead straight during the installation of the top skin:
Dcp01341.jpg (90583 bytes)

Dcp01342.jpg (88324 bytes) Dcp01343.jpg (84516 bytes) Dcp01344.jpg (88006 bytes)

The following picture is out of place, but well, I'm working on this page!  That one of my two cabin flood lights.  installed it under the two baggage compartment bulkhead tubes.
Dcp01360.jpg (60074 bytes)

I installed nut plates so the top skin will be removable.  I made myself a jig by tapping the no 6 hole in a nut plate.  Then, it was easy to attach the screw and position it so I drill directly in the two side holes. (I predrilled all center holes to 9/64").  The jig nut plate was replaced at about 20 holes.  oh! This is a time consuming task!  It took several hours to complete installation.
Dcp01393.jpg (63215 bytes) Dcp01397.jpg (82439 bytes) Dcp01399.jpg (78429 bytes)



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