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To work under the airplane, I initially cut an opening in the table.  That allowed me to install the front landing gear and the center channel.  Then, later, I removed the table (after all top components have been installed).

Dcp01419.jpg (89078 bytes) Dcp01421.jpg (87459 bytes) Dcp01422.jpg (91066 bytes) Dcp01426.jpg (85657 bytes) Dcp01428.jpg (85857 bytes) DCP01607.JPG (89422 bytes)

I got some help to remove clecoes in tough locations and to deburr under the seat panel (needed small arms).

DCP01610.JPG (93569 bytes) DCP01611.JPG (86765 bytes) DCP01612.JPG (85534 bytes) DCP01615.JPG (95770 bytes) 


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