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Dcp01119.jpg (56685 bytes) The single-axis autopilot
I like toys and according with my friends, this is one I should like. It is made by Navaid Devices (
Dcp01294.jpg (59737 bytes) Apollo VHF Transceiver
This is the SL-40, a 760 channel transceiver.  It has some nice features that we don't normally see (at least until the new Microair comes out).  For instance, there is a voice activated two place intercom and the radio can monitor the standby frequency while also listening to the active frequency.  For more information, go to the UPS web site (
Dcp01408.jpg (61657 bytes)
Dcp01293.jpg (55287 bytes)
One of my cheap switches (SPST)
These switches are rated 16 amps at 12v DC.  I was sceptical of the internals so I disassembled one after a very harsh test.  I shorted the switch directly on the battery.  The wire melted, but there is no sign of bad treatment on the switch.  While I am certain it can handle the current, I don't know how durable it is.
Dcp01410.jpg (73680 bytes) And a military switch (DPDT)
This one is a military equipment switch... I don't know the rating, but the construction appears to be more durable than my cheap one (and it has been used quite a bit).  
Dcp01295.jpg (40699 bytes) A Comant antenna
This is a CI-291 that I mounted in front of the baggage compartment bulkhead.  I doubled the skin with a piece of 0.040" sheet.



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