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Finish Again



I painted the panel same color as my cabin interior.  I had to do this a couple of times as my supplier first sold me high gloss paint instead of the one with a dull finish.    The flight instruments sub panel is drilled to accommodate electric gyros to be lighted with the UMA system.

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This is my fuel pump warning module.  When the ignition is turned on, the alarm will sound and light turn on if the three full pumps are turned off.  The alarm stops as soon as at least one pump is on.  That module evolved a bit and the buzzer is replaced by a smaller but more robust one.  I also added a 1A fuse to protect the smaller gauge wire to the warning light.  Finally, I put silicone to absorb vibration on the bigger parts (buzzer and relay).

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I decided to replace my cheap plastic switches with "real" ones after I saw an ultralight with those colored switches at Oshkosh 2002.   I ordered the new switches from AeroElectrics.  Since those switches have anti-rotation washers, I made a doubler plate with holes to accomodate the anti-rotation device.  That plate is mounted between the switch and the instruments panel.

DCP01780.JPG (94204 bytes) DCP01781.JPG (102526 bytes)

And it works!!!  I bought a GPS 196 from Garmin that I decided to put on the flight instruments sub-panel.  After all, I won't buy gyros before I'm ready for night flying and by then, gyros may very well be obsolete technology.  So I moved the instruments around a bit to accommodate that.  I made a sub-sub-panel so those knob openings are filled out and a point of attach is added for the 4th screw of the airspeed indicator.

DCP01805.JPG (325190 bytes) DCP01819.JPG (63760 bytes) DCP01821.JPG (94292 bytes)



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