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Finish Again


When you think it's all done and it isn't!  

A friend noted from my July 16th update that there were typos on some of my labels.  For instance, it's written "probihited" and "accrobaties". Well, glad I have those easy to change labels!

Then, I realized I had a "bug" in the design of my electrical system.  The way I wanted to use two contactor test switches with a single master switch was bogus and would make the contactors close if I getting in a situation where I'd have one charged and one discharged batteries.  I removed the master switch, moved the second ignition switch and modified the arrangement of the battery switches.

July 16, 2003 update:

I installed the placards and switch labels on the panel.  I used the method described on Sam Buchanan's RV Journal web site.  I bought Avery 05665 Clear Full Sheet Labels on which I printed the labels and placards.  I then cut just outside the frame line of each label and applied them directly on the panel.  I'm not an artist so they are not all straight... very hard to hold and position such a light sticky label perfectly on the panel.  I did remove labels a few times and repositioned them... this worked fine and it seems to confirm that it's gonna be easy to make new replacement labels if needed.

IMG_0332.JPG (100108 bytes) IMG_0333.JPG (89015 bytes) IMG_0334.JPG (81327 bytes)

January 2004 modifications:

IMG_1011.JPG (114308 bytes) IMG_1012.JPG (130763 bytes) IMG_1164.JPG (124508 bytes) IMG_1165.JPG (92914 bytes)





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