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Landing Gear
Landing Gear


pcwing8.JPG (30668 bytes) Gear box assemblies
The construction of the gear box assemblies is better described under my center wing page.
pcwing7.JPG (15580 bytes) My UHMPE (or something like that) slides
I used a technique I have seen on Jeffery Moser's web site.  While I installed the slides doublers flush with the aluminum (and sanded the aluminum a bit after), those plastic slides protruded when they were compressed during the riveting (with a hammer and a dolly).  I then used a router to make them like I wanted them again.  Some touchup with a Dremel have been required when installing the top L angles.
Dcp00641.jpg (55903 bytes) Positioned the lower bearing supports
As seen, I pre-drilled everything to #20 because I did not have the required AN3 bolts.
Dcp00856.jpg (82330 bytes) Langing gear parts epoxy primed
I primed the parts with PPG epoxy primer using a touchup paint gun.  All parts were sand blasted prior to priming (look at my controls page for more details).
Dcp00819.jpg (98370 bytes) Bending the wheel forks
I looked at several places to have my wheel forks professionally made... but it seemed to be too complex.  The ones who had hydraulic presses strong enough were not able to do it because the second leg of the fork needs to go through the press... OK.. if it is too complex for the pros, I'll try it by myself! :-)  In reality, I found one place that could have done it, but I was not able to get a clear estimate of how much time and cost would be involved.
Dcp00820.jpg (100833 bytes) The second leg
The second leg is allowed through the body of the press, thanks to a special hole I made in it.  See a picture of my hydraulic press below:
Dcp00811.jpg (95655 bytes)
Dcp00821.jpg (84518 bytes) My first wheel fork!
I was very happy when this one was made... some sort of accomplishment for me!
Dcp00823.jpg (84349 bytes) Well, it started with smaller pieces
The one inch pieces seen on the pictures are my test pieces.  When I got one perfect (the third one), I started the production run.  
Dcp00826.jpg (54212 bytes) As in all experiment... record the data!
On the computer printout is the theoretical measurement, taking in consideration material thickness and bend radius.  I took the formulas in "Aircraft Sheet Metal", published by Jeppesen.  The hand written page shows actual test data.  I took actual measurements and identified corrections for the next test or production run.
Dcp00830.jpg (86268 bytes) Getting the doubler on the main fork
The doublers were made the same way as the main forks.  The difficulty is to come up with exactly the required width and with the right radius.  I ended up using all of my 20-foot flat bar to make the three wheel forks.  Here is a picture of another of my gear forks:
Dcp00827.jpg (78291 bytes)
Dcp00829.jpg (72646 bytes) If they would all be like this!
But they were not... if it was to be done again, I would try to find 5/16" stock or use the widely available 3/8" flat bar.  A bit more expensive, but a lot less work and easier to get nice result.

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