Landing Gear

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Landing Gear
Landing Gear


The wheel are Matco wheel.  I don't remember the number for sure (I think the mains are F509), but if you tell the Matco rep. what you're looking for, he's gonna identify the wheel for you.

I wanted 15X6.00X6 tires on my plane so I have a bit more versatility in terms of terrain I will use.

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Here is nose gear installation.  Initially, I could not get proper deflection (18 degrees), but not because of the usual reason.  Most builders have that problem because the rear stops are not far enough.  In my case, I do not have this problem as I mounted the gear 1/8" more in front than the plans specify to accomodate a 1280 bungee.  My problem was that the welds on the vertical bolts were interfering with the guides.  I ground a radius to resolve the problem.

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One evening, I was reviewing the AC43-13 manual, not being sure that I used the proper bolts on the landing gear boxes (they were showing 4 threads with two washers).  I decided to replace all bolts with shorter ones that now fit well with a single washer.  

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