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Part I-Skeleton
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The spar extensions
To keep everything centered and aligned, I used two levels that I clamped to the outboard wing spars.  Then, I was able to fit the extension right between the two levels and ensure perfect alignment. Some more pieces of wood were clamped to the spar and extension to stiffen the parts.
Nose ribs installation
It did not take too long to install the nose ribs.  Originally, I wanted a landing light in each wing (this is why there is a rib with only one lightening hole).  I replaced that rib with a normal one after I decided to go with dual left side landing lights.
Kit building too quick to take progress pictures...
While I intended to show the process of fitting a rib on the spar as well as many other tasks, all of that went too fast.  This is quite fun to assemble all these components together.  Since I really enjoy doing everything twice, I decided to replace the two inboard rear ribs with ones without forward lightening holes (similar to gear box ribs).  Therefore, the baggage I will put in the compartment won't go anywhere.
Everything is deburred, smoothened, cleaned and now primed
Two wings in progress
The right wing is on the wall, while the left one is on the table.  A vigilant eye will notice the baggage compartment ribs that are reinforced with L angles.
Help is always welcomed...
Rejean Houle teaches airplane building.  Him, along with his students built eight airplanes of various models.  He helped me driving solid rivets for L stiffeners and some ribs on the spars.
A riblet
Riblets were quickly made out of 0.016" aluminum.  This one is installed at the junction of the rear Z and Z extension.
Landing light, take II
I spent so many hours to make light brackets for my automobile auxiliary rectangular lights.  Once this was done, I had a bad sleep wondering what would happen if I have a fuel leak (and fumes) in my wing.  The light is not a sealed beam.  Then, a friend told me he prefers dual lights.  So I decided not to use these brackets and make a new one for dual GE4509 lights on the left wing (like the stuff we see all the time).

If anyone wants my brackets and lights, tell me... I will think about it.

Landing light, take III
Finally!  I made something acceptable.  I started with the Zenair plans, but I had to modify the dimensions for the bracket a little bit (to fit the ribs).
The two GE4509 sealed beams have been purchased at a local auto parts shop.


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