Part IV-Ailerons

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paileron1.jpg (31023 bytes) Time to build something NOT straight
The ailerons have a twist of 3/16" over the entire lenght (nearly 8 feet).  To set that, I spend a good half our finding straight 2"X4" at my local renovation store.  I position the skin (after the ribs are clecoed on the bottom) on the 2"X4" and to  make sure it is stable, I installed some lead bags on each ends. I also used liberate amount of duct tape over the lenght of the aileron.
paileron3.jpg (26740 bytes) Who wants to fly with me? :-)
Before risking to ruin my nice right wing aileron, I decided to check how I would install the trim tab on my fake aileron that I previously made to verify the fit of my skin with the ribs.

After several attempts, I finally found something that works and is not too bad looking. (ok, not on this one...)   I would have preferred to install the servo motor directly on the access door... but this did not work as the servo is too large when the rod is extended. 

paileron4.jpg (27368 bytes) The real thing
Once I was satisfied with a prototype, it was quite easy to replicate it on the aileron.  The only thing I hope is to never have to change the trim servo... it was quite difficult to install the cotter pin in that tight space (the short side is 45mm wide).
paileron5.jpg (30754 bytes) Aileron attached to the wing
This process is quite simple.  Insert the aileron flange between the skin and the Z, align the aft of the aileron with the wing tip, measure to ensure the aileron position is constant from end to end, and drill.

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