Part VI - Finishing

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Part VI - Finishing


powingf1.JPG (37705 bytes) Testing once more
I just feared a gas leak.  So I decided to test the tank once more before actually closing the wing (after the pre-cover inspection).  Note that the wings are stored with some gas in them.  This is mandated by Randolph, the manufacturer of the sloshing compound I used.
powingf3.JPG (45134 bytes) Quite proud of my deck too!
My wife really wanted a deck... I took a good month off my Zodiac project to build one for her.... and me.  I made it custom fit for storing my wings. 
powingf4.JPG (56946 bytes) My son takes control
The MD-RA inspector came home on September 6th, 2000.  Unfortunately, he did not want me to take any picture for the web... :(  Well, I show you my son in a friend's CH601-HD instead!

The inspector did a pre-cover inspection on all my control surfaces (both wings, ailerons, stabilizer, elevator and rudder).  I was very happy to learn that there is no snag worth mentioning. I did get one comment about my pitot/static lines which were not attached.  He also wrote a comment about a potential flutter effect to be caused by the aileron trim (I asked Zenith list about that and many confirmed that that trim won't cause this sort of problem at all... phew!).

powingf5.JPG (18351 bytes) Attaching that pitot/static tube
The pitot is in front of the spar, just outboard of the fuel tank.  I attached the tubes with MS21919 clamps.... could not be better!
powingf6.JPG (22839 bytes) Attaching again
Well.... just look at the picture.
powingf7.JPG (19560 bytes) ... and again
The tubes are routed behind the baggage compartment.
powingf8.JPG (32168 bytes) OK... here is the full view
powingf9.JPG (28766 bytes) One of my wings completed!
Both wings are now like that.  They are entirely riveted, except for the aileron which is actually not attached to the wing yet.  

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