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It is quite difficult to get an accurate list of materials needed to build this airplane.  For a very mysterious reason (to me at least), Zenith Aircraft does not supply a BOM.

The list that follows is approximate.   6061-T6 0.016", 0.025" and 0.032 quantities were given to me by a friend.  For the other materials, I browsed through the Zenith Aircraft Sample Plans (NOT THE OFFICIAL ONES).   The sample plans have been used because I was inventorying materials either in the bus going to the office, or at the office on lunch hour.
Material Qty Unit
6061-T6 0.016"X4'X12' 11 sheet
6061-T6 0.025"X4'X12' 11 sheet
6061-T6 0.032"X4'X12' 1 sheet
6061-T6 0.040" 19 ft2
6061-T6 0.063" 4 ft2
MS20257P4-6 5 hinge
Extr. 1-1/2" X 1" X 1/8" 56 foot
Extr. 3/4" X 3/4" X 0.093" 35 foot

More detailed information is available here.

I intend to use piano hinges for ailerons.  If you want to use elastic hinges, only 2 or 3 6-foot pieces are required.

For the 6061-T6, 0.040", if you want to avoid any losses, make sure you cut your parts lengthwise in the sheet.  I made the mistake to cut the spar doublers and other parts across the sheet (the sheet is 1220 mm wide and I needed 1220 mm doublers).  Well, now I don't have material long enough to make the center wing spar web!  :(   This is bad considering that I am not supposed to use half of my sheet...

If you know of any inaccuracy or if you have any additional information, please tell me.

Not yet included on the list are: 6061-T6, 0.125", 2024-T3, 0.125", all 4130 steel, bolts, nuts, rivets, wiring, etc.

Updated 99.05.20


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