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Top Skin


Dcp00740.jpg (84876 bytes) The Bottom Skin
I cut the bottom skin to mandated dimensions using a knife and a straight edge.  Pretty simple...
Dcp00742.jpg (84924 bytes) Lower Rudder Hinge
The lower rudder horn is a quite complex assembly with two shims, the rear frame L angle and the two hinges.  I also checked the fit of the tie-down ring (as seen on picture).  To assure that the rudder is vertical, I will drill the upper hinge (rudder and fuselage parts) together while validating the position of the rudder.
Dcp00744.jpg (99064 bytes) Two frames on a piece of a skin
The two Horizontal Frames are assembled on the end skin.  Prior to this, I drilled the end skin with the main skin (step not shown).
Dcp00745.jpg (78145 bytes) Joggled H.T. frames
I joggled the H.T. frames with the tool shown to assure a smooth fit of the side skin with the lower longeron and the frames.  This is achieved with a piece of 0.063" aluminium with a notch.  The H.T. frame's flange is inserted in the notch and I squeeze the assembly with a vise.  The result is as shown on the picture.
Dcp00747.jpg (74157 bytes) 594 + 20 - 12 = ?
According with the plan, the first stiffener on the bottom skin should be positioned at 594mm from the edge of the overlap of the fuselage skin with the center wing skin (ref. 6-F-1).  At that location, the stiffener would have been riveted exactly on the edge of the lower rear  longeron and the middle longeron (does not sounds right).  

I changed its location so that it is installed with the last rivet of the middle longeron (6F1-5).  This change has not been validated with Zenith Aircraft.

Dcp00751.jpg (78690 bytes) Talking about the middle longeron
The middle longeron is positioned to ensure that it fits inside the radius of the bend of the Center Wing's rear Z. 
Dcp00754.jpg (86193 bytes) Good progress
This is the bottom of rear fuselage at a certain point (cross stiffener 6F1-6 not installed) prior to disassembly and priming.

Talking about 6F1-6... This piece has been a pain for me.  A mistake in positioning resulted in a bad cut of the part (too short).  I made a new one with a bending brake that could not properly form the second bend in the part.... scrapped it again.  I made the part a third time on another bending brake (thanks to Claude Guilbault!) and now, it is excellent.


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