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Dcp00907.jpg (91457 bytes) The steps... how'd they fit?
According with the assembly manual, we should not think about those steps until much later in the project.  But my friend, Fernand, told me that it is pretty hard to install those when the plane is built (you have to work loosely and under the fuselage.  I then decided to go ahead and install them right now when it is easy to do.
Dcp00906.jpg (68640 bytes) But.... SH.T!
The first thing I noticed is that my steps are not made to specifications.  The side plate should be installed at 80 degrees from the bottom tube and mine were more like 87 degrees.  I brought those parts to my favorite welder who made the correction for a nominal charge.  
Dcp00909.jpg (76198 bytes) Steps installed to fuselage sides
I drilled from inside the fuselage out in the step plate (for the bottom and right side rivet rows).  Care must be taken to avoid the edge of the longeron when drilling the diagonal rivet row.  Thanks to pictures of other projects, I noticed that detail before drilling my parts!
Dcp00912.jpg (72853 bytes) Spring brings some friends
What you see is what we call "mouches noires" (black flies).  These little insect bite and they are not very much fun (except for fishermen who probably get used to those).  I had a light left in my fuselage and the flies, not having an impressive I.Q. were going on the light to get burned and die.  OK... back to business!
Dcp00926.jpg (66785 bytes) The extrusions
The two steps are attached at the center of the fuselage with these extrusions.
Dcp00927.jpg (84143 bytes)  
Dcp00930.jpg (69906 bytes)  
Dcp00933.jpg (93474 bytes) Covering up the nice work
I bent this fairing between two pieces of 2X4 spaced about 3.5" by pushing an ABS 1-1/2" onto the aluminum sheet.  Then, I bent the two flanges and cut it to proper length.  I tried to have a longer rear side than forward side (so it reduces drag), but I missed it... The result is still quite nice.

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