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Top Skin


One day, when everything was going too well, I did not do any mistakes yet and I had a new toy to play with; a rotary polisher.  I tried to polish the aluminum skin to see whether I'd get the plane painted or just polished.  I made my opinion on two things:

. Polishing will be a LOT of work and won't look as nice as if I get the airplane painted.

. When you use a polisher around free hanging cables, chances are that the polisher will grab one of these cables and make significant damage to the aircraft skin. 

That's what happened.  The polisher grabbed the rudder cable and the shackle made a few good dents on the fuselage skin. (ouch!).  I debated whether I would fill this with putty, repair according with AC43-13 (a patch) or what else.  I elected to make an inspection plate which would allow me to maintain the ELT antenna if need be.  So, here it is:

IMG_0995.JPG (99768 bytes) IMG_0996.JPG (99632 bytes) IMG_0997.JPG (115603 bytes) IMG_0998.JPG (93926 bytes) IMG_0999.JPG (103120 bytes) IMG_1000.JPG (93050 bytes) IMG_1003.JPG (104772 bytes) IMG_1004.JPG (93301 bytes)

And, one day, after that inspection plate was installed and the battery tray was installed, I closed the rear fuselage! (Jan 2004)

IMG_1013.JPG (105041 bytes)



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