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This is the raw material.  It may look complex, but really, forming parts is simpler than I imagined before.

When visiting this web site, you will notice that I focus strongly on plans building activities.  Some tasks are quite tedious, but it is always satisfying to find out we can do it.

Some benefits for plans building are:
Personal satisfaction
More skills acquired
Total control on parts quality
Loosing a part due to a mistake is less critical (we can rebuild it)
There is some economy to be made

One thing that I want to make clear is that it can be done.  Of course, some investment in tooling is required... but it is still less than what would be invested in a kit.  Additionally, if like me an individual starts with absolutely no metal working skills, some parts will need to be made more than once before quality is good enough. I spend many hours working on simple parts, as I get experience, it is becoming simpler to make those parts. Zenair and Flypass offer construction workshops.  Considering the effort I have invested in my rudder (learning simple skills), I would recommend attending that seminar.

Miscellaneous Parts that I made (not categorized)
These are parts that I formed in one day at a metal shop (with the exclusion of the longer parts on the right side). 
On this web site, you'll find a few methods for cutting aluminum.  Among those are the circular saw (with plywood blade), router and knife (shown on left side).  With a straight edge, this approach works really well.
Not wanting to go to bed one night, I decided to make some fairings for the rudder cables (out of the fuselage).  I found how to do this on Sam Buchanan's RV-6 web site (  This site contains great advises and articles related with airplane building.

When building from scratch, what is important is your network of contacts and also your suppliers.  The gentleman below is André Létourneau, an airplane enthusiast.  André is building an Osprey amphibian airplane in his hangar in Beloeil (near Montréal).  He also sells materials to local homebuilders like me.  His prices are very competitive and himself is very friendly and helpful.


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