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Motivation Pictures



These are from a flight with my mentor from a grass strip (Lac Gilles) to Mascouche.  The flight is quite short, but things like this give me a strong motivational push to continue.

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These ones are of my kids testing a friend's project for comfort.  Before being rebuilt with aluminum, this was an Emeraude; normally a wooden aircraft.  Pierre, the builder (and my RAA inspector), kept the original wings, but is installing a retractable gear.  The fuselage is being entirely rebuilt with aluminum.  He installed a RV-6 canopy.  Oh... why rebuilt?  Some years ago, we had an ice storm which caused a lot of damage to our electrical distribution system.  One pole fell right on Pierre's aircraft... the fuselage was a total loss and was not covered by the insurance company.

Dcp01180.jpg (80777 bytes) Dcp01183.jpg (319422 bytes)

Some pictures of my kids and project as it was getting fun.

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