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Zodiac Pictures:

The pictures below are construction details that I looked at from a demonstration plane shown on site.  You may notice that the unpainted Zodiac is half HD and half HDS.  This allowed for easy comparison of the wings:

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The most spectacular Zodiac I ever saw

This is by far, the most spectacular paint job I saw for a Zodiac.  The theme is obvious and is very well maintained through the airplane's paint job.  I was impressed by the level of attention to details.  There is a web site about this plane on the Internet.  When I have a chance, I will add a link:

Dcp00347.jpg (67823 bytes)

In the background is a red Zodiac CH601-HDS (which was at the Zenair presentation site last year, I believe) and on the left of the plane is a CH250 or a CH300.

Is this another Zenair?... YES, a Zenair Zipper!

Dcp00355.jpg (68859 bytes) Dcp00354.jpg (85883 bytes)

This "Zipper" belongs to Dick Baner.  It was built in 1985 and flown for the first time in spring 2000, the plane sat in a hangar for four or five years. This is number 7 of a total of 12 twins built. They also built a greater number of single place which were the same plane with a single engine same as the two on this one. Dick had a single years ago but put a 277 Rotax on it. The engines on the twin are PUL425 engines built in France by JPX and each produces around 22 hp. They have not built any of these since around 1985 and Chris Heintz no longer owns the design. Top cruise speed is around 40-45 mph. 




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