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The Velocity continues to get my attention... big time!  This would be a very nice project, but I would need to like using a sanding bloc and I would need a lot more money as well!  

Dcp00322.jpg (76475 bytes)

Talking about the Velocity, one was for sale on site (114,000$):

Dcp00373.jpg (77278 bytes) Dcp00370.jpg (93286 bytes) Dcp00374.jpg (70940 bytes) Dcp00371.jpg (88218 bytes)

Want to buy a bigger plane??? Here is one for you!

Dcp00315.jpg (54311 bytes) Dcp00316.jpg (60789 bytes) Dcp00362.jpg (84879 bytes)

Coming back to reality, I had the chance to sit in the S45-Mystere, to be produced in St-Jean sur Richelieu (Quebec and just 1/2 hour away from home).  This is the successor to the S44-Mystere prototype which crashed during a test flight because of an engine failure.  One of the partners died in that accident.  The other partner decided to create a new plane model based on the same concept, but that time, the plane would use a "true" aircraft engine (a Lycoming).  The plane is a bit bigger and is supposed to fly in September 2000.

It is really a beautiful model that offers great visibility, seating comforts...  The wing is located behind the front seat.. so the pilot has a perfect downward view (despites that this is a low-wing aircraft).

Dcp00336.jpg (74417 bytes)

I also sat in the Super-Chipmunk, built and sold by Gilles Leger.  The wings are the original De Havilland ones, but the fuselage was redesigned to accommodate larger pilot and passenger.  When I sat in the plane, I felt really small (and I am a 5'11", 200lb guy).  There is a web-site that present this plane... if my spelling is right, this is www.super-chipmunk.com

Dcp00348.jpg (68180 bytes)

You have a bit more money? ... and you want to go fast?... This is the project for you!  Ahhhh... let's keep dreaming.

Dcp00330.jpg (76396 bytes)

One plane that always get my attention is the Gee Bee.  I could not imagine that an individual would be crazy enough to fly that plane until I saw it.  Stall speed is 100mph and approach speed is 140mph.  During landing, the pilot has absolutely no visibility and flies by feeling (well, this is what I understood from the announcer).  

Dcp00349.jpg (80043 bytes) Dcp00350.jpg (71676 bytes)

I can imagine that the super-skilled pilot that flies this toy would not be excited by a ride in a 152...




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