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With hundred of thousands of visitors and over 10,000 airplanes, Air Venture is the largest amateur builder convention in the world.  I left Montreal on July 28th during the afternoon and I was entering the campground at about 9h00pm.  I was assisted by a security volunteer to find a camping site (I was walking and the site is rather large!).  Imagine, a campground with a population of 30,000!  After 15-20 minutes of looking around with his car, we found a nice little spot on Sunset Drive (the picture below was actually taken when I was leaving on Monday July 31st).

Dcp00378.jpg (82945 bytes)

As you can see, many, many people left Sunday night and early Monday morning.  When I arrived, the campground was rather full up to the highway and they started placing people in an "overflow" section.  Before going into the details, I would like to introduce two friends that I met. Cecille and Leopaul are two airplane enthusiasts and they have been great company and help during my stay:

Dcp00379.jpg (67325 bytes)

This is where I started my walk Saturday morning at 6h15:

Dcp00311.jpg (62829 bytes)

... and at 9h00pm, coming out of the ultralights' section, I was not quite yet at my tent:

Dcp00356.jpg (66376 bytes)

Oh!  I need to thank Chris Heintz and the Zenair staff for inviting us again to the Zenair builders' dinner.  Food and people were great!

Dcp00337.jpg (86466 bytes)

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