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Another exciting event.  AirVenture is the largest amateur built aircraft convention in the world.    

This year, I camped with some friends from the local RAA chapter.  Here is a picture of me (the yellow shirt) with my friends Ghyslain, Stéphane and Gaetan (from left to right).  Ghyslain is building a CH-801 while the two others are building Murphy Elite aircrafts.  We used two tents and that mobile home (OK... a modest home, but much more comfortable than the little tent I used).

Dcp01107.jpg (65034 bytes)

This year, there a not so many new things on the market.  Essentially, what was announced to come soon last year, is still announced to come soon.  This is true especially for the MicroAir radio and transponder that I want to acquire.  It is also true for the competing Becker Avionics transponder which should be available this fall.

One toy that got my attention is the DigiFly, a glass cockpit device which replace all flight instruments and can also replace engine instruments.  It includes a three axis magnenometer to sense the attitude and direction of the aircraft.  That unit will eventually sell for $4200.  From what I see, I think that glass cockpits will become the norm in a few years from now (much faster than I would have imagined only two years ago).

I saw several Zenair planes this year:


Dcp01047.jpg (44315 bytes) Dcp01048.jpg (64659 bytes) Dcp01049.jpg (48803 bytes) Dcp01050.jpg (42413 bytes) Dcp01051.jpg (44160 bytes) Dcp01054.jpg (46485 bytes)

Dcp01056.jpg (49236 bytes) Dcp01057.jpg (44385 bytes) Dcp01058.jpg (54647 bytes)

The following one belongs to Dennis Carley.  He has done a fabulous job of putting the radiator inside the cowling (with a Rotax 912 engine).  This plane is featured on my "Other Projects" page.
Dcp01059.jpg (50929 bytes)

Zenith Aircraft's CH-601 XL demo plane
Dcp01084.jpg (58054 bytes)
Dcp01083.jpg (43589 bytes) Dcp01082.jpg (48934 bytes) Dcp01081.jpg (65114 bytes)

The new CH-640

Dcp01085.jpg (51394 bytes) Dcp01086.jpg (65947 bytes)


Dcp01045.jpg (51800 bytes)


Dcp01046.jpg (47236 bytes) Dcp01090.jpg (48562 bytes) Dcp01091.jpg (49536 bytes)

Other planes that got my attention: 

The Fascination
Dcp01101.jpg (59546 bytes)
Dcp01102.jpg (57473 bytes) Dcp01103.jpg (50202 bytes)

A Bush Caddy, 4-place aircraft kitplane produced in Canada
Dcp01110.jpg (50991 bytes)

I wonder if this one meets my "economy" criterion
Dcp01115.jpg (42782 bytes)

Some construction tips I observed:

Dcp01111.jpg (63065 bytes) Attaching brake line to landing gear.
Dcp01074.jpg (58061 bytes) Nice wire routing in a GlasStar.
Dcp01105.jpg (48363 bytes) Fuse bloc in center console (Fascination aircraft).
Dcp01109.jpg (38940 bytes) Baggage door hinge on a Bush Caddy.
Dcp01077.jpg (56560 bytes) All instruments with Grand Rapid's EIS in a Sonex.
Dcp01078.jpg (45957 bytes)

 Other things to do at Oshkosh:

Try Scuba... if you like it, you may not want to fly again!
Dcp01089.jpg (63895 bytes)


For the very small ones... they can fly their own plane!
Dcp01055.jpg (59119 bytes)




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