Air Venture 2005

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Motivation Pictures


As usual, we stay on the camp ground.  Francis came with me for the third time.

IMG_1838.JPG (275838 bytes) 

Corvair engine installation on a CH601-XL:

IMG_1839.JPG (292075 bytes) IMG_1840.JPG (211294 bytes) IMG_1841.JPG (308695 bytes)  

Stratus engine installation:

IMG_1847.JPG (303540 bytes) IMG_1848.JPG (275607 bytes) IMG_1849.JPG (223697 bytes) IMG_1850.JPG (243321 bytes) IMG_1851.JPG (224950 bytes) IMG_1852.JPG (299190 bytes) 

A nice little idea for locking the elevator control surface:

IMG_1843.JPG (122008 bytes) IMG_1844.JPG (121425 bytes) 

This year, for the first time, there was a group of Zodiacs on the flight lane!

IMG_1845.JPG (254668 bytes) IMG_1842.JPG (266619 bytes) 

Burt Rutan brought three aircraft to the convention... a very special event! These are Space Ship One, White Knight and the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer.

IMG_1846.JPG (179001 bytes) IMG_1853.JPG (204160 bytes) IMG_1854.JPG (190627 bytes) IMG_1855.JPG (185544 bytes)IMG_1912.JPG (238152 bytes) IMG_1856.JPG (90042 bytes) IMG_1857.JPG (89610 bytes) IMG_1909.JPG (163197 bytes) IMG_1910.JPG (169942 bytes) IMG_1911.JPG (163169 bytes) IMG_1913.JPG (223702 bytes) Oups! :-)

And some other "bad" and "cute" planes...

IMG_1858.JPG (124239 bytes) IMG_1860.JPG (118034 bytes) IMG_1861.JPG (90654 bytes) IMG_1863.JPG (87543 bytes) IMG_1864.JPG (100316 bytes)

At Oshkosh, there are very fun daily air shows.  Here is a flying formation that we are not likely to see often:

IMG_1884.JPG (109958 bytes) IMG_1885.JPG (108362 bytes) IMG_1893.JPG (110537 bytes) IMG_1902.JPG (136566 bytes) 




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